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Thanksgiving Schemes

As the image above clearly displays, the subject known as Abigail is a criminal mastermind disguising herself as a typical Thanksgiving-goer. As you can see in the photographic evidence below, it seems as though we have ourselves a typical American … Continue reading

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Not Thanksgiving Either

I was totally planning to upload the awesome Thanksgiving pictures I have of Abigail and some other people who are of significantly less importance. Then we went to the Home Depot today and she spotted a raised display area featuring … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Pending

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, so naturally today I come to you prepared with several pictures of Halloween. That’s the kind of schedule we’re on around here. And I’m tired. As I mentioned, yesterday was Thanksgiving, today we went to Target, which … Continue reading

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When the Gormans Came Calling

The Andy and Megan Gormans, that is. My brother and his wife came for a visit recently. Like four weeks ago actually. Yeah, I’m a little behind. And we took pictures! Seven or eight of them! Here are two or … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview

Since I’ve been badly neglecting my blog to work on this video project, I thought I should at least put out a trailer for the film. A completely overwrought trailer. I threw this together last night. Obviously, it has been … Continue reading

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Silly Glasses Pictures

I am tired today. Instead of talking, I will give you two pictures of Abigail wearing silly glasses:

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When you think comic epic fantasy web-only video series, you probably assume you’ll get a certain level of quality. You probably assume that this level is extremely low. And normally you’d be exactly right. In lieu of posting anything about … Continue reading

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