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Abigail’s Latest Photos

Abigail took a lot of photos today. She started with some of the dolls, then went for some general house shots. When she was done, I asked if she wanted to choose a few to share with people. What you … Continue reading

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Gabe on the Go

As you may be aware, I frequently photograph my children. There’s been substantial evidence on this blog that I manage to get that right a lot of the time. But lately, Gabe has been making himself a harder target. Lately, … Continue reading

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The Trip Back East: Abigail’s Perspective

On the Saturday of our trip to Connecticut, a party was held at Castle Hubert, to celebrate the birthdays of Missy McDonnell and my mother, Pat, who defected from the Clan McDonnell to Clan Gorman some years ago. It was … Continue reading

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Hummingbird Update

The hummingbirds are growing quickly. The mother doesn’t sit on the next very often any more. I’m guessing it’s a little beaky for bottom comfort. She does return frequently to feed the babies, which you can see her doing here: … Continue reading

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Photo Ops

Abigail has been demanding that we take her photo a lot lately. Often, she has a whole setup and framing in mind. And usually it does involve her brother, or, at the very least, a new outfit. For example, the … Continue reading

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Tuesday Post

I’m trying to post more regularly on my blog, so I’m making an effort to put something up every Tuesday and Thursday. However, this Tuesday is proving to be a challenging and full one. So I’m just giving you this … Continue reading

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Ich Gebe Ihnen Alles Ein Gabe

My German is probably a bit shaky, but I use the verb “Geben” all the time when giving and receiving Ein Gabe. And now, I give you all Ein Gabe. Abigail auch, but her name doesn’t sound like anything in … Continue reading

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