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For Comparison Only

Since Gabe has been born I’ve experienced a profound and unexpected sense of completeness. There’s something about a family of four that just feels right. There’s something about having a daughter and a son that rounds out my life. I … Continue reading

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The Youthful Photographer

Abigail picks up her camera only rarely, snaps a couple pictures and then declares herself done. Mostly she turns the lens on her toys or on her parents. Frequently, the camera is not facing in the right direction when she … Continue reading

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The Big Girl Camera

Abigail got herself a big girl camera this Christmas. Well, technically, she got it on New Year’s Day, since that’s when we did Christmas with the Southern California family, but it was still a gift from Santa so the timing … Continue reading

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Shout Outs

I’ve got a few of what the kids call “shout outs” to offer up today, but before I do so, I’d like to mention a worthy companion that passed away recently. If you make it through this, there will be … Continue reading

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Random Awesome Pictures

While most of the pictures I upload go directly with an Abigail story, I do occasionally find things to take photos of that are awesome in and of themselves. At the same time, I frequently find pictures to take of … Continue reading

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