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Abigail’s First Four Years, A Quotable Retrospective

Today is Abigail’s fourth birthday. She started the day by saying, “I’m going to be four soon.” “No, you’re not,” I said. “Yes, I am. It’s almost my birthday.” “It’s not ALMOST your birthday.” A smile that big is a … Continue reading

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The Quotable Abigail, Part 30

On me standing quietly, wearing my “where’s-the-please” face in response to her demand for milk on her cereal: “You got it. It’s right there. Go.” On conflict resolution: “If bad guys come into my club, I’ll put a sword in … Continue reading

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Ich Gebe Ihnen Alles Ein Gabe

My German is probably a bit shaky, but I use the verb “Geben” all the time when giving and receiving Ein Gabe. And now, I give you all Ein Gabe. Abigail auch, but her name doesn’t sound like anything in … Continue reading

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The Nebula Awards

I have recently finished reading all the Nebula Award nominees for this year. The Nebula’s always provide some really interest and diverse novels, that I often find myself preferring to the Hugo offerings. Even saying that, this year’s nominees are … Continue reading

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It’s Eggs-hausting!

Not Easter in particular, mind you. Just life. Life is Eggs-ha… Life is exhausting lately. But it’s important to take time out an celebrate the holidays with the kids. Because the kids really appreciate every event, their little eyes light … Continue reading

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