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Nebula Awards

I’m a little behind schedule on this, but the Nebula Awards ceremony took place two weeks ago. Now, I’ve read four of the six nominees and I’m 85% of the way through the fifth, if my Kindle isn’t steering me … Continue reading

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Abigail’s Selection

Abigail filled out her own World Cup bracket today, and, according to her, South Africa will win it all. This might seem like a longshot, but she had a pretty comprehensive system. Sure, in the later rounds it was based … Continue reading

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I ain’t got much to say today. I know. Shocking. First of all, I’ve added a couple blogs to the blog roll, both sibling-related. First, I offer you the sage words of my brother, Andy. His blog, Handing Down Life … Continue reading

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Flower Power

I’m going to keep it brief today. Not as brief as yesterday. That was pretty brief indeed. I’d be surprised if you even caught it. Today I’d like to talk about flowers. Flowers and negotiation. When we go on walks … Continue reading

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And Now For Something Completely Different

Well, maybe not completely different. We went to the pediatrician today and again got confirmation that Abigail is fine, except for the cold she’s getting over. Our doctor reiterated that these are common and don’t cause any long term problems. … Continue reading

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Aftermath Day

I want to thank all our friends and family that wished us well today. We really appreciate all your support. Abigail is doing great. She’s been her normal self today. For example, the dog is covered with stickers. Things have … Continue reading

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Traumatic Day

Let me start off by saying that Abigail is fine. She’s downstairs with her Mom right now, watching an Elmo video. Today was a rough day. It was the kind of day with the traumatic stress you have trouble getting … Continue reading

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The Pinnacle of Terrestrial Evolution

Now, I’m not being one of those overly proud dads here. I mean, if you follow the logic of the Drake Equation, I’m suggesting there literally may be thousands, if not millions of organisms in the universe that are almost … Continue reading

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Reading Yellow Blue Tibia

I meant to read one of the other Nebula Award nominees next, but when Yellow Blue Tibia arrived in the mail, it proved too tempting to resist. First of all, the cover is inundated with Soviet iconography. I love Soviet … Continue reading

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Paint Horse

We’re talking about getting our house painted. Actually, are you allowed to say “talking about” if you’ve put down a deposit? Probably not. So, we’re going to get our house painted. Deep in the summertime, because we hate people who … Continue reading

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