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The Unbitter Sweet Day

“Daddy’s sad,” Abigail said this morning, around 8:55 am. She had reason to think I might be unhappy. I was throwing myself around the living room, making a wide range of squealing and sputtering noises. If she’d looked closely – … Continue reading

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Revised Predictions

I’ve gotten a few more submissions for the World Cup prediction contest. The tournament kicks off next Friday, so hopefully the deadbeats will, uh, undeaden? Interestingly, we haven’t had a repeat winner predicted yet. The winners selected so far are … Continue reading

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Abigail’s Selection

Abigail filled out her own World Cup bracket today, and, according to her, South Africa will win it all. This might seem like a longshot, but she had a pretty comprehensive system. Sure, in the later rounds it was based … Continue reading

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And Now For Something Completely Different

Well, maybe not completely different. We went to the pediatrician today and again got confirmation that Abigail is fine, except for the cold she’s getting over. Our doctor reiterated that these are common and don’t cause any long term problems. … Continue reading

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