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What They Do At Fairy Camp

There were a few people who expressed curiosity – as well as some dismay at the state of the world – when I announced that Abigail would be attending Fairy Camp over the summer. The purpose of Fairy Camp isn’t … Continue reading

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Butterfly Fairy

I was going to do a deep, meaningful post on the internet and what it means, but then a box arrived on our doorstep. This provided two immediate sources of joy to our house. First, it was a box. Boxes … Continue reading

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Fairy Festival

We went to the Fairy Festival at the San Diego Botanical Garden a few weeks ago, so this is hardly new news. But it’s a festival. With lots of little girls dressed up as fairies. It’s kind of awesome. The … Continue reading

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Fairy Scientist

This video kind of sums up what this site should be about. Science. Exploring a fantasy world. Teaching kids. Little girls with wings. On a completely unrelated note, I love that the words “Branding” and “Cassie” are right next to … Continue reading

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