Author’s Bio

Pretty much since the beginning of this blog, I’ve had a fictional bio here. It was obviously fictional. In fact, it was labeled, “fictional.” It’s time for that to change. Rather than a bio that I’ve completely made up, I will now have a bio that says next to nothing about my background, my family, what I do, what I’m interested in or anything else about me that might be pertinent in a bio. Sure, there will be a lot of words in my bio, but it won’t, strictly speaking, be a bio. It will sort of be about the kinds of things that are normally in bios, which might make it some sort of meta-bio.

But I think even that’s a stretch.

2 Responses to Author’s Bio

  1. says:

    I think our decision to drop you there was sound after all!

  2. This is the best bio I’ve seen to date

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