The Quotable Abigail, Part 67: Seventh Birthday Edition

On her brother’s incredibly articulate facial expressions: “Gabe looked at me like he didn’t want me to have a treat and only him to have a treat.”

On a carefully considered aside, delivered without irony in an otherwise accurate description of the freeway she was providing to her brother: “It’s like a bunch of bears peeing and pooping on your face.”

On her drawing: “It’s daddy long butt.”

On having the game Civilization explained to her: “I’m walking away now.”

On achievement: “Do you want to see the greatest paper airplane yet thrown?”

On patting people on the head: “That’s what I do to Uncle Andy when he’s a good boy.”

On perhaps missing the greater themes of the show: “Get your swords, Wonder Pets!”

On motivating her brother ahead of his first soccer practice: “Are you ready for running and kicking? And breaking ankles and noses?”

On the dangers of the Natural History museum: “I only know one type of dinosaur that doesn’t eat meat. And you know what we are? Meat!”

On what she would have happen to Harry Potter at the end of the last book: “Be expelled.”

On her favorite word: “Mischief.”

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