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Maggie Was A Good Dog

More than ten years after we took Maggie home from the shelter, our dog passed away yesterday. She had been sick for a while, she had trouble moving and she was very weak. So yesterday afternoon, I took Maggie to … Continue reading

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Animal Birthday

Sometimes you have a crazy idea. Most of the time, if you even try to execute it, things just don’t fall into place. It almost never turns out the way you wanted it to. And sometimes it does. Yesterday was … Continue reading

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Spain/Maggie Win the World Cup!

As you may recall, Abigail predicted – with some confidence – that Maggie would win the World Cup. I asked her today who won the aforementioned tournament and she said, with confidence undiminished, “Maggie won the World Cup!” From this … Continue reading

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Musical Child 3: Electric Boogaloo

Dammit. Musical Child Two was the time for that subtitle! Two! I type before you today with more musical video action: a dance and licking montage set to Abigail’s favorite song, Maggie’s song. Among the common people, Maggie’s Song is … Continue reading

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Dog Days

Florence is wrong. The dog days are just beginning. If, by dog days, you mean, the days when the dog makes a pain in the ass of herself. Now that it’s getting warmer, we’re spending a lot more time outdoors. … Continue reading

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