Musical Child 3: Electric Boogaloo

Dammit. Musical Child Two was the time for that subtitle! Two!

I type before you today with more musical video action: a dance and licking montage set to Abigail’s favorite song, Maggie’s song. Among the common people, Maggie’s Song is better known as Elevator Love Letter, by Stars.

Most two year olds are totally into indie music.

Abigail is in the habit of naming songs after dogs. We have Emo’s song, which is “Sea Cruise” from Finding Nemo. Not too big a leap there, really. And then there’s ManPat’s song, which is Hush-a-bye, which is a lullaby, as you might expect. ManPat is really more of a “dawg,” but he brings it, librarian-style, so that’s okay.

On to the video:

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