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The Theme

This is just awesome. Never before has a didgeridoo been so important to the Doctor Who theme song. Seriously. No didgeridoos before. Now, if they could just do Knight Rider and the Dukes of Hazzard, we’d be in business.

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Random Awesome Pictures

While most of the pictures I upload go directly with an Abigail story, I do occasionally find things to take photos of that are awesome in and of themselves. At the same time, I frequently find pictures to take of … Continue reading

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My Gorman News Submission

Here’s was my submission to the family newsletter this last time. Transcript of the Gorman Family Council, July, 2010 Speaker Momma: I move to end debate and bring Family Resolution 17, the Time to Leave the Park Act, up for … Continue reading

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The Quotable Abigail, Part 3

On demographics, Daddy’s: “Daddy is a big girl and a little boy.” On swings: “Swings make me high.” On pillows, being used by baby: “That’s not baby’s pillow. That’s someone else’s pillow.” On socks: “This one put on my foot … Continue reading

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A Saturday in Pictures

We started our day as we usually do on a Saturday, at the Curbside Cafe. As is standard operating procedure, Abigail needed entertaining, so we set down to drawing pictures of dogs. Actually, we drew pictures of Maggie in particular. … Continue reading

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World War II was badly written

I’m not sure how I missed this.  I’m not sure any of us can afford to not read it. It comes from here, but I think io9 summarizes the brilliance perfectly. That’s why I check that site regularly. Total awesomeness.

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The Rage List

I have little of my own to offer today, so I’m pointing you in the direction of awesome work that has been done by others. I give you Artur Boruc’s Friday Rage List. The Dirty Tackle does one of these … Continue reading

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Animal Birthday

Sometimes you have a crazy idea. Most of the time, if you even try to execute it, things just don’t fall into place. It almost never turns out the way you wanted it to. And sometimes it does. Yesterday was … Continue reading

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Spain/Maggie Win the World Cup!

As you may recall, Abigail predicted – with some confidence – that Maggie would win the World Cup. I asked her today who won the aforementioned tournament and she said, with confidence undiminished, “Maggie won the World Cup!” From this … Continue reading

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Reading Julian Comstock

I like Robert Charles Wilson. For pete’s sake, the guy wrote Spin. How can you not like the guy who wrote one of the modern classics of science fiction? I’ve also enjoyed his other books, too. Darwinia and The Chronoliths … Continue reading

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