Spain/Maggie Win the World Cup!

As you may recall, Abigail predicted – with some confidence – that Maggie would win the World Cup. I asked her today who won the aforementioned tournament and she said, with confidence undiminished, “Maggie won the World Cup!” From this I can only conclude that Maggie has, indeed, co-won the World Cup along with Spain. It was a hard fought campaign, but she emerged triumphant in the end.

Go ahead and relax, Maggie. You’ve earned it.

Also, good job, Spain. You were clearly the best team in the tournament, winning with class and skill while healing the rifts that still divide your country, yada, yada … Clearly this was Maggie’s day.

In almost completely unrelated news, Abigail’s new Lego set included the character picture below.

I’m referring, of course, to the one in the foreground, not the background. Abigail had him propped up him on the back of her toy truck, sitting with another figure and a pig. It was then that I realized who this actually was – A Man Named Jed.

That name, fortunately, has stuck and Abigail requests him by name. Hearing her say, “I want to play with A Man Named Jed” is heartwarming, I’m sure you’ll all agree.

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