Random Awesome Pictures

While most of the pictures I upload go directly with an Abigail story, I do occasionally find things to take photos of that are awesome in and of themselves. At the same time, I frequently find pictures to take of Abigail that don’t really have much more than a one line story related to them.

This post is for those pictures.

First of all, I wanted to make sure that everyone is aware that Chili’s now serves Daleks. I’m not sure if there are allowed into the store as patrons, but they are certainly served as food. I give you the following picture from their menu as evidence.

I have not actually eaten a Dalek yet, but I’m not more excited about the prospect than I was when I thought they just looked like this.

Moving on with the Doctor Who theme, I recently discovered that what we refer to simply as our “forehead thermometer” is actually a Temporal Scanner.

I haven’t managed to figure out how to detect fluctuations in the time/space continuum yet, but when I do, I will surely let you know.

On to Abigail related items. First of all, Abigail slept on her hand the other day. It’s sad and cute, with a side of hilarity.

I often find that the Starbucks drive through is a great place for photos, but this is particularly true when Abigail decides that one pair of glasses is insufficient.

Seriously, she does these things herself.

Since I showed it to you last week, I thought I’d reveal this week’s out-to-breakfast childrens menu art. This one really was a team effort. Abigail asked for a drawing of Maggie on her bed, then promptly drew the bed. Momma drew the border around it and I decided that I should go with the fetal Maggie with conjoined twin Abigail. It’s a limited edition.

Due to toddler impatience, this came very close to being just a conjoined Abigail head.

Speaking of art, I want to show you an Abigail original:

This is clearly a superhero. This figure is standing up for truth and justice at least. It could be the Uruguayan way, based on the color scheme. That’s not important. What’s important is to not think that it’s random toddler scribble. Clearly superhero.

And I’ll end with a photo that Abigail is likely to place deep psychological significance to in her teenage years:

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2 Responses to Random Awesome Pictures

  1. Jessica says:

    When are we going out for Daleks?!?!?!

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