The Quotable Abigail, Part 3

On demographics, Daddy’s: “Daddy is a big girl and a little boy.”

On swings: “Swings make me high.”

On pillows, being used by baby: “That’s not baby’s pillow. That’s someone else’s pillow.”

On socks: “This one put on my foot and this one leave on my hand. It’s fine.”

On how much Madame Pompidom (fanciful cat, stuffed) weighs: “Ninety eight point six.”

On whether Daddy needs  caffeine: “Daddy doesn’t need cat mean.”

On Eureka moments: “Momma’s mouth is a good idea.”

On important facts, confusion about: “Cars can sting you. A lot.”

On the existential truth about how you feel about finishing your cupcake: “I want to keep eating cupcake.”

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