Fairy Festival

We went to the Fairy Festival at the San Diego Botanical Garden a few weeks ago, so this is hardly new news. But it’s a festival. With lots of little girls dressed up as fairies. It’s kind of awesome.

The first thing you need to know about the Fairy Festival is to get your wings early. We waited and the only ones left were ladybug wings. Which are still pretty awesome, I’ll grant you.

She loved these wings when we put them on. And she wore them for at least 10 minutes. Long enough to play in some bamboo!

After that the wings were stuffed in the bottom of the stroller and we spent our time running around and playing. They have a great play area at the Botanical Garden that Abigail loves playing on. There are a few more treacherous areas, where you might trip and fall. In these places, it’s best to find a friend whose hand you can hold to insure your safety. Abigail had never met this girl and they didn’t even look at each other again after they got off the rope bridge. But they held hands all the way out, and all the way back.

Do you see now why the Fairy Festival is awesome?

They also have a fake stream that the kids can splash in. It was fun and … actually this line is just here so that I can put in this picture. I really like this picture.

She’s showing me water. How awesome is that.

A little while after we got there, Abigail’s grandparents got there, which prompted a spinning, leaping dance of joy. I captured a picture of her mid-romp and I feel like this is a good way to end the post.

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2 Responses to Fairy Festival

  1. Jessica says:

    Jeeeeeeez. The cuteness is ridiculous. She’s so darn cute and I can’t help but wish I could have gone to the fairy festival!

    I also am excited because this comes on the week that I wrote, “The Substitute Fairy.” A story about a feminist fairy who works as a substitute fairy godmother.

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