And Now For Something Completely Different

Well, maybe not completely different. We went to the pediatrician today and again got confirmation that Abigail is fine, except for the cold she’s getting over. Our doctor reiterated that these are common and don’t cause any long term problems.

And I have to say, Abigail seems fine. She’s her usual gleeful self. By way of example, she was sitting on her potty before bed tonight and said that she was all done.

“Did you go pee-pee?” Jessica asked.


“Really? I didn’t hear any pee-pees.”

Abigail’s face broke into her biggest grin. “That’s because I didn’t have any pee-pee.”

NOW for something completely different.

Blackpool won promotion to the Premier League in England this weekend. Look, I’m not going to explain it. Look here. Suffice it to say they got promoted 4 times in 9 years, which is … well pretty much phenomenal. Especially when you consider that they did it through playoffs every time.

Like it said, read the link.

Anyway, their coach, Ian Holloway, is an interesting guy and I’m really looking forward to seeing his post game press conferences. Here’s my favorite quote of his I’ve seen:

“Right now, everything is going wrong for me – if I fell in a barrel of boobs, I’d come out sucking my thumb!”

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2 Responses to And Now For Something Completely Different

  1. Jessica says:

    I am going to assume the tag was for the pee-pee reference.

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