Abigail’s Selection

Abigail filled out her own World Cup bracket today, and, according to her, South Africa will win it all. This might seem like a longshot, but she had a pretty comprehensive system. Sure, in the later rounds it was based largely on selecting the team I named second, but in the first round, she chose by jersey’s she liked. A few of the groups were challenging because there were no “stripies.” You know how it is.

So that now brings the count of people who have filled out a World Cup spreadsheet for me to myself, Abigail, Wired Magazine (okay, that one wasn’t really for me, per se.) and, of all people, my mother. She picked Italy.

I should point out that if you ask Abigail directly “Who will win the World Cup?” her answer will be an emphatic, “Maggie!” So if you’re looking to participate in the soccer bracket competition, and you want to remove, say, North Korea, you could fill in “Maggie” and I’d have no problem with that.

In unrelated news, apparently it doesn’t play the audio if you just give the link to the post, so I’m giving you the direct link – again – to Sean’s blog. Seriously, play the audio in that first link. You’ll be glad you did. Or you’ll be confused you did. Either way, I feel it’s a win.

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2 Responses to Abigail’s Selection

  1. Jessica says:

    I will kick you, Gorman. Soccer kick you — in the hed!

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