I ain’t got much to say today. I know. Shocking.

First of all, I’ve added a couple blogs to the blog roll, both sibling-related. First, I offer you the sage words of my brother, Andy. His blog, Handing Down Life Lessons, is all about coding and stuff. I’m sure it’s awesome, because I know Andy and what he typically does is awesome. But this is all about coding, so I am in no position to judge. Or, frankly, to comprehend.

I will recommend one of his links to everyone, since it actually discusses his successful struggles with social anxiety. It’s an awesome read and I’m sure my linking to it will lower his anxiety levels substantially.

Next, I offer you my brother-in-law Sean’s blog, Turning the Green Light. It’s a collection of his thoughts and ramblings and it is an awesome read. I highly recommend it to pretty much anyone who doesn’t hate things that are good.

Finally, I will now return to the topic of high art. This comes up a lot with Abigail, since she is the casual mastery of beauty and self expression. Plus, we often have to draw things on placemats when we’re restronauts to keep her occupied. Tonight, I would like to offer you some examples of our work. First, is my rendition of Abigail’s cranparents, my parents, Mike and Pat:

That’s cranma on the right. There were some difficulties with cranpa on the left, which led me to draw him sitting on a cactus. And yes, there are some height and general anatomy problems, but that IS NOT THE POINT.

The point is that this is Jessica’s drawing of our cat, Henry:

Clearly this is a feline cyborg of some kind, perhaps returned from some cat-dominated future to enslave us all. I particularly enjoy his tail/scythe.

That is all.

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1 Response to Stuffs!

  1. Jessica G says:

    Still laughing at our wonderful drawings. Seriously, there are tears.

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