The Quotable Abigail, Part 30

On me standing quietly, wearing my “where’s-the-please” face in response to her demand for milk on her cereal: “You got it. It’s right there. Go.”

On conflict resolution: “If bad guys come into my club, I’ll put a sword in their tummy and then they’ll go away.”

On digestive facts: “Poo is a nugget.”

On whiny laments: “If I get stung by a car I’ll never make my way up to Sophia’s bed.”

On her pasta: “This is the happiest day of my life.”

On the discovery of a pair of glasses someone had left behind at our house: “Very strange…”

On what the stuffed cat in the basket on her bike needs to do: “Step on the brake pedal! Step on it, I say!”

On the complications of modern toys: “I’m looking for Cinderella’s other head.”

On domestic duties, demanded: “The boys play ninjers and I’ll make dinner for them. That is not a request!”

On whether she favors the Vancouver Whitecaps or the Montreal Impact: “I like the Pinkcaps. I like pink soccer players.”

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