It’s Eggs-hausting!

Not Easter in particular, mind you. Just life. Life is Eggs-ha… Life is exhausting lately.

But it’s important to take time out an celebrate the holidays with the kids. Because the kids really appreciate every event, their little eyes light up and their job just shines through. You need to capture every glowing picture you can, like the one below.

Come on! We can do better than THAT, can’t we?

There we go.

It wasn’t just Abigail’s day, though. Gabe had a great time, too. Didn’t he, grandpa?

We didn’t have a formal egg hunt this year, but there was a bunny hunt. Abigail prepared herself by becoming familiar with her quarry. She wanted to bag herself a quality rabbit.

The one she ended up with wasn’t quite up to her usual standard.

There were snacks, which really made the whole day worthwhile.

She also got a stuffed bunny the next day at Aunt Monika’s house. We were pretty much inundated with stuffed bunnies.

And she got baskets. Everyone got baskets. We have a lot of baskets.

Easter went pretty well, all things considered. I mean, these folks look pretty satisfied.

And that gap in her teeth is really starting to come in handy, picture wise.

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