The Quotable Abigal, Part XXIX

On what the stuffed poodle she’s shoving into a purse is saying: “Goodbye, Abigail! Thanks for the enjoyment outside!”

On why I can’t play with her: “I don’t need a papa. I’ve got another spare one in my house.”

On what’s for sale: “Freshly ground strawberries!”

On the end of Abigail’s telling of the story of Whiskers the cat: “The coyote ate him anyway.”

On why one should have pancakes in the evening: “Because I want syrup with my dinner!”

On why she doesn’t want to invite boys to her party: “Because the boys play ninjers and the girls run away from those ninjers.”

On what the sign I’m drawing for her should say: “Let my little stuffed animal that I’m holding right now be the leader.”

On dealing with errant attachments: “Stop velcros! Stop attaching to my dress!”

On the old man coming down the steps: “Hello, person. Watch out!”

On why she is sitting out in front of the house fake crying: “I have to cry outside because the baby is sleeping.”

BONUS FOLLOW-UP! Quotable Mama: “You can also do that in your room, honey.”

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