The Big Girl Camera

Abigail got herself a big girl camera this Christmas.

Well, technically, she got it on New Year’s Day, since that’s when we did Christmas with the Southern California family, but it was still a gift from Santa so the timing of the actual delivery of the gift should be moot, right?

Anyway, we meant to give her this gift on the traditional day you give Christmas gifts, but we couldn’t find it. I mean, Santa couldn’t find it, so he didn’t bring him with it on the plane to Northern California. He figured that Abigail hadn’t mentioned it in weeks, so we’d … I mean, he’d just find it and give it to her later. However, when Abigail picked up her first gift on Christmas morning, I asked her what she thought it was and she said, with a slight gasp, “My big girl camera?”

Dammit, said Santa to himself.  I presume, anyway.

It turns out Abigail was driven half crazy by the Christmas madness and forgot all about it, so we were able to put it off until today.

What follows is a summary of her best shots of the day. See if you can tell which ones she received assistance with and which ones are pure Abigail.

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1 Response to The Big Girl Camera

  1. Jessica says:

    She’s a budding photographer. Love it.

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