Christmas Quotables, with unhelpful photos

Abigail, on the trials of continual family visits: “But Abigail is so tired!”

My dad, on things that confuse him: “I don’t understand sweater lust.”

Abigail, on aviation mechanics: “Do airplanes go pee pee?”

Abigail, on contradicting Dad’s answer, with irrefutable, visual evidence: “I saw an airplane going pee pee.”

Abigail, on Daddy peeing too much: “That’s enough. You’re going to fill it up.”

Beatrice, on communal jammie time: “We’re all getting naked!”

Abigail, on a separate occasion: “I’m so, so naked!”

Abigail, jumping around and really enjoying the second occasion: “I’m a big girl and I’m naked!”

Abigail, on what to call grandma: “Grampat.”

Abigail, on what to call grandma after hearing someone else call her Grampat: “No, her name is Gramma Pat.”

My dad, on being told not to forget socks: “She’s dead, Alex. Stop bringing her up.”

Abigail, on the current status of her house: “My other house broke, so I had to buy a new one at the store.”

Greg, after a few drinks, on what his kids need: “They need to know … that the world doesn’t just always … stay on play.”

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2 Responses to Christmas Quotables, with unhelpful photos

  1. Greg says:

    I was totally taken out of context. Where is you journalistic integrity. 🙂
    Great visit. Thanks for coming up. It was great to see you guys

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