Photo Ops

Abigail has been demanding that we take her photo a lot lately. Often, she has a whole setup and framing in mind. And usually it does involve her brother, or, at the very least, a new outfit. For example, the other day, she set up an entire photo area beside her bed, complete with floor blanket and pillows for lounging. Then she demanded that her brother join her and that I take the picture.

Fortunately, Gabe was a fan of the pillow setup.

This doesn’t always come out this nicely. Yesterday, she tried to arrange an on-the-lap photo in the corner. Gabe was less enthusiastic on this occasion.

Abigail is rarely put off by bad press, however. She’s keen to find photo ops in all areas of life, whenever she things she can create one. Or that one has arisen naturally. For example, I found her hiding out this weekend with Kim at a family get together.

What better place to make your hideout but beneath the food table?

Quite a few of her photo ops are actually pretty dull, but every now and then she has an idea that makes taking an actual picture difficult. Like this one, for example.

Not a clear shot in the bunch. But a fun picture to take all the same.

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1 Response to Photo Ops

  1. Jessica Hilt says:

    I love Gabe’s lounging in the first one. He’s like, “Hey… what’s up! Pull up a pillow.”

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