Last year, Abigail pointed at the wind chime we have hanging in our backyard and said that she wanted to see that bird. If she hadn’t it’s possible we would never have noticed the hummingbird nest up there. We left if alone all year and a couple weeks ago, we noticed that it had been repaired and built up a little bit.  The hummingbird momma was back.

And you know what it turns out hummingbird momma’s hate? Having their pictures taken. Or children playing in the backyard. Or cats.

Anyway, she flew up in a huff seconds after that last picture was taken. She likes to buzz us and hover in front of us, just out of reach, just to make sure we know she’s on to us.

I tried to capture a picture of her threatening hover, but this was the best shot I got. Actually I was pretty impressed that I even got this one.

The nest is well over my head, but she can’t guard the nest all the time, and I have a camera phone to take advantage of those opportunities. Here’s what I found inside the nest:

Actually, it’s more accurate to say that this picture shows what I found several days ago. I took another look last night and found this:

So we have a baby bird!

I’m sure the mother bird would dispute the whole “we” thing, as she fluttered around my head, chirping angrily. She really is a loud bird, which isn’t something I normally associate with hummingbirds.

I’ll keep you posted as the bird development program progresses.

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4 Responses to Birdies

  1. Jessica Hilt says:

    Eeeeeee! So CUTE!

  2. Pat says:

    Wow.they are great pictures.

  3. Andrea b says:

    Don’t get too close ! She may never come back. That is a true thing!! Birds and their eggs!!

  4. Michael G says:

    This is so cool, Alex. So glad we have such and accomplished granddaughter birder.

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