The Quotable Abigail, Part 48

On pretending to be a dog, the linguistic challenges of: “Dogs don’t understand Spanish.”

On her milk: “Leche! I mean, ruff, ruff.”

On what she’s making: “Stick weapon and yarn.”

On why it’s okay that she’s singing a song about poop: “It’s for Gabe.”

On carrying a stuffed shark and a shopping bag containing three books and a maraca: “What a jolly load I have here!”

On the prospect of one day visiting Ireland: “Will we have to wear green?”

On how unexpectedly exciting the walk in our local park is going to be: “There’s dinosaur eggs, but first we have to go through the HYENA HOUSE!”

On Grandma Pat’s soap: “Look! It has a hole in it, just like the Death Star.”

On the story she’s “reading” to Gabe from a large book: “And on the next day, he got a surprise in the toilet!”

On the sights Daddy is pointing out at Fisherman’s Wharf: “No, that’s not cool.”

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1 Response to The Quotable Abigail, Part 48

  1. This. Is. Amazing.
    Also, she’s way too big.

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