The Quotable Abigail, Part 47

On why Gabe’s hair sticks up in the back: “It’s because he was born with a hammerhead.”

On being told she needs to help me clean up her craft project: “You’re making me think of the days when I was sad!”

On the effect of repeatedly saying her friend Elise’s name: “That name seems odd, doesn’t it?”

On watching a cat video to the tune of Smashmouth’s “Rock star”: “Did you hear that? He said, ‘get the show on!'”

On why Henry buries his pee in cat litter: “Probably because he knows that he’s handsome.”

On what life would be like without Daddy: “Then we’d have to jolly around this house by ourselves.”

On giving Gabe a role in their game: “You wanna be Fairy Mary?”

On comparing her bed to Gabe’s crib: “My bed is so un-bar-y.”

On the “I live downstream” sign on the sewer: “That’s where ducks are? I wish one came out and joined us.”

On “reading” the text of our Petco receipt: “‘Of course the coyotes aren’t allowed at the zoo because they poop up the whole place.’ What the heck?”

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