None of This is True

So, the kids and I have been working on an opera*. It could be considered more of a standard musical, but Abigail really hits the high notes during her solos, so it sounds all opera-y. It’s about a reindeer and a bug. We’ve already got the costumes worked out.

They become friends and then they hang out. They do a lot of hanging out, as well as some lounging. In the later acts there’s some fussing and generalized squealing.

The conflict arises when the evil scientists try to create a reindeer-bug hybrid. Most dastardly. Due to the genius of our costume design, the change to the hybrid can be done with startling speed.

Of course, the hybrid Reindeer-Bug is actually cute and friendly. So maybe the scientists aren’t so dastardly, after all.

Did I mention that this opera is terrible?

*Please refer to the title of this post. If Abigail is ever involved in the creation of a real opera, rest assured that it would involve ponies.

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