Abigail’s Latest Photos

Abigail took a lot of photos today. She started with some of the dolls, then went for some general house shots. When she was done, I asked if she wanted to choose a few to share with people.

What you see below are the photos she selected herself. I offered a few suggestions, but she shot down as many of my ideas as she accepted. There were several that I thought were good that she chose not to include, and she wanted to have pictures of her and her brother, even though I thought she should just use the pictures she took today. Abigail won in both cases. Call it an opportunity to let go of some parental control.

Without further ado, Abigail’s photo show:

P.S. She was particularly proud of the picture of the curtains.

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1 Response to Abigail’s Latest Photos

  1. Susan Adler says:

    i love the self portrait…and I adore the little doll legs…it’s perfect.

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