The Quotable Gabe, Part 5

On things to say while a parent is talking to him, which always seems only tangentially related to a zipper : “Zip it.”

On addressing his toy boat, which contains no reptiles: “Come out, lizard.”

On seeing me holding a friend’s baby: “Daddy all done Evan.”

On putting his plastic monster on the cutting board: “Interesting!”

On the small plane passing by overhead: “Bye bye, Doctor Who.”

What he will not rest until he has, early on a Thursday morning: “Pictures of Ben! Pictures of Ben!”

On bedtime demands: “Want a Tardis! Want a Tardis!”

On choosing the wrong app on Mama’s phone: “No stocks!”

On television reviews: “Daniel Tiger, best, best, best!”

On parting: “See ya later, croc’dile.”


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