The Gabeman Cometh

I present, once more, the Gabe.

Of course, I will provide you with a whole pile of photos of Gabe, but I would like to start off with a photo from the recent visit of two unsavory characters, my uncles, John and Dick. The lighting was pretty bad, but I got a photo that pretty much summed up the visit.

Gabe couldn’t believe those guys.

Things around here are pretty good. It’s February in Southern California – planting season! Abigail and I planted some veggies. We’ll see how that goes. Gabe is expanding rapidly in all directions and seems to really enjoy the adoration of the masses.

See? He totally absorbed your adulation over the internet.

Of course, Gabe does his own share of adoring others. In particular, his sister.

And while he likes Uncle Sean, he’s also a little bored by him.

Actually, Gabe expresses his boredom more vociferously. That photo represents a triumph of baby-putting-to-sleep by Sean.

Gabe says he’s had enough of photos. We’ll have to do this photo-posting thing again some time.

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