Next month will mark a milestone for me: my first short story in print. My story “Domestic Diva” will appear in the Spring issue of Big Pulp magazine. You’ll find it down at the bottom, in the Fantasy section. It’s a strange feeling seeing my name in the contents of a magazine like that. An enthusiastic, fist-pumping kind of strange, but strange all the same.

I don’t have a history of writing a lot of fantasy. And believe it or not, I don’t have a history of writing a lot of comedy. But this story is both of those things.

In order to read it, you’ll have to get a copy. It’ll be out in a couple weeks, but you can pre-order it on Paypal. They will have an e-book format in the future and I’ll send that link out when it becomes available.

Update: That link didn’t work, so go to this page and click the “Buy Now” link under the Spring 2012 picture at the top.

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