Getting Work Done

Writing is always work for me. I hear stories from other writers about how they spend hours at a time in front of the keyboard, the words coming quicker than their hands can transcribe them into print. I have the compulsion to write. And sometimes, I experience that same joy I just described, when the hours fly by and you’re left with a little masterpiece.

But most of the time writing is work. I enjoy it, I get immense satisfaction from it, but getting myself to sit down and start typing is no different than getting myself to get up and go to the office or do chores around the house. I have a full time job that doesn’t involve writing at all. I have a daughter who is barely past a year and a half. I have a million other thoughts and commitments running through my mind. But writing stories is the one thing I have always come back to. The ideas, the characters are always there, waiting for me to sit down and the computer and set them free.

I have actually been going through a more prolific phase recently, partially because I have found  new focus. I want people to read my work. This blog is a touchstone that I will use to write something, at least something small, every day. I will be presenting some of my work here in the coming days and weeks, which I hope you enjoy. Certainly feedback is always welcome.

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