Pondering Cassie

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Cassie today. She’s the kind of girl who stays on your mind. Well, she’s the kind of girl who stays on my mind. Being a fictional character I invented, there are really no other minds for her to stay on.

I’m a little over halfway through this novel, and I’m not sure where Cassie should go next. I get the feeling betrayal should be involved though. That’s always a nice mid-novel concept.

For those who are unaware – and thus far, only one person has actually read what I’ve written – Cassie has some troubles. She lives in a future that doesn’t offer too many advantages to a girl without means. She has been brought into a criminal gang and taught how to kill, with the aid of a series of implants that have been surgically added throughout her body. While this might seem like good steady work, her addiction issues have cost her a lot and she hasn’t always made the right choices.

I’ll come back from time to time to discuss what is going on with Cassie. Including whether I ever get far past 25,000 words.

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2 Responses to Pondering Cassie

  1. sweetennui says:

    I just figured out how to comment. Cassie is fickle and her life has been hard. Kill your darlings.

  2. Alex Gorman says:

    Are you suggesting I should kill Cassie off?

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