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Small Worlds

This game won the Casual Gameplay Design Competition over at If you hate productivity, but like innovative time wasters, then this is the site for you. I can’t recommend Small Worlds enough. At first, it may look like an … Continue reading

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Pondering Cassie

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Cassie today. She’s the kind of girl who stays on your mind. Well, she’s the kind of girl who stays on my mind. Being a fictional character I invented, there are really … Continue reading

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Sing a Song

“I-sing-in-this!” Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Jessica and I sometimes have to pay close attention to understand what Abigail is singing,  if we ever actually do pick up the words. But the girl certainly knows how to put on a show. … Continue reading

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Great Moments in Literature

As the first part of an ongoing series, I shall take excerpts from great works of literature and philosophy and offer them up for your amusement. Really, they’re just things I found funny in old books. The first offering comes … Continue reading

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Dialogue with a Daughter

Abigail and I had a brief debate this morning. She had strong feelings on the issue of the orientation of her blanket relative to the floor as well as in relation to her  stuffed lion. She also felt that I … Continue reading

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Gaiman Who?

So Neil Gaiman will be writing for Doctor Who next season. THAT should be an interesting mix.

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Second Daddy

The scratch of her voice jolted me out of sleep.  I’d been dreaming about shooting stars. Another in a long line of might visions around the same theme. Another short-lived thing. “Daddy!” Came the tinny voice again and I threw … Continue reading

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