Poor David

David Beckham is one of those love him or hate him kind of guys. Since he joined the Galaxy, my attitude about him has wavered, but this past season I thought he did an awesome job for the team. Sure, he was out on loan to an Italian team at the beginning of each season, which was obnoxious, but you understood why. David Beckham wanted one more shot at the World Cup. Everything he’s done over the past three years has been with that goal in mind and, according to the England coach, he’d accomplished that. He was going to be named for the World Cup roster.

Now that dream is gone. He tore his Achilles tendon and will miss at least six months. You can’t help but feel bad for the guy. I know of few athletes that have worked harder over the last couple years than Beckham has and for it to end like this is tough. I suppose that he at least has past glories to think of. There are a lot of folks who never got the chance to do what he’s done in his career.

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2 Responses to Poor David

  1. Bethani says:

    It also feels like the curse of England will again rear its head.

    • Alex Gorman says:

      Undoubtedly. It’s almost sad when the English get really excited about their team’s chances. I think a lot of European teams are set up for a fall this world cup.

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