Spectrum Circus

You can add this to the list of things that are entirely Jessica‘s fault. She made the point that I’m reading and reviewing books anyway, so I might as well be involved with the Spectrum Circus, which happened to be looking for reviewers. I dropped a line to Heidi, who runs that site, as well as RedJack Books and, well, here you can find a rough representation of me in both drawing and text form.

The Spectrum Circus specializes in reviews of Science Fiction and Fantasy books put out by the independent press, which she defines as anyone releasing fewer than 40 titles a year. These are often books that are hard to find in other places since they don’t have the traditional distribution channels. I’m very excited to place my first review up there, which will be for the book Finch, which, as it happens, is nominated for the Nebula award. Who would have guessed it?

Some of you may be deeply concerned that this means I won’t have a review of Finch up here. I’m sure that concern is quite deep. Well, I’ll say a few words here, and link to my review over at the Spectrum Circus, so never fear, you won’t have to do any hunting to find out what I thought about your favorite fungus-themed detective novel.

In completely unrelated news, Doctor Who starts up its fifth – or thirty first, if you use the traditional calendar – season tomorrow. I’m very excited to see what this new incarnation has in store for us. He’s the 11th man to play the part and the first to be younger than I am, which I have a problem with. Any trepidation I have about the new actor is washed aside by the new producer, who wrote the best episodes that we’ve seen in the new series.

Wow. Link fest today!

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