Multidimensional Electioneering

I’m sure all of you are pretty excited about the upcoming parliamentary elections in Britain. I know I am! Well, vicariously, anyway. This guy is seriously excited and it’s hard not to join in the fun. I’m sure he’ll start posting about it soon. Ahem.

Especially since it looks like this is going to be a pretty exciting election. Now that the Time and Space Dinosaurs have through their hats into the ring.

This has already been declared the “Doctor Who Election,” admittedly by the Doctor Who News Page, but clearly they are right. Nothing is effecting the polls more than the Doctor and his Tardis. Just look at this picture of the Liberal Democrat leader. Naturally you see the Tardis in the background; that goes without saying. This is the Doctor Who Election!

Try to pay attention.

But if you look beside the Tardis, you’ll see dinosaurs, given equal billing. They’ve already started to make their presence felt. And although they weren’t invited to the official debates, that snub will only make them stronger.

Actually, they’re time dinos. They can go back in time and intimidate the BBC into letting them participate. Or eating the opposition. We’ve tried to cover all the scenarios, but once you’ve entered the fourth dimension, it gets really complicated. I’m sure we’ll get into all the implications at election night headquarters, also known as the Funtime Lounge.

All I’m saying is that Britain will be led by time traveling dinosaurs after the election next month. You can bank on it.

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5 Responses to Multidimensional Electioneering

  1. Jessica says:

    I’ve always been a fan of the lib dems. Since Charles Kennedy “left” (read: forced out by teetotalers!), I have had a hard time connecting with the party. However, now that I can clearly see they’re forming a minority party alliance with Doctor Who and the time-traveling space dinos, I can pledge my full support. It would be madness not to get behind this party.

  2. Alex says:

    Well, the blog is bag up and running. With Facebook integration to boot!

    Lot’s of Lib Dem content this, them being the Big News.

  3. Alex says:

    I’m sure you’ve notice, but also:

    Peter Davidson (the Fifth Doctor, of course) is the on screen host, if you will, of Labour’s latest party broadcast. David Tenant has been doing the voice overs at the end of most (all?) of them. And Sean Pertwee (son of Jon, the Third Doctor) has appeared in one as well this campaign.

    But if the Lib Dems have a bulletin board paper TARDIS *and* the time dinos, well…

    Guess we’ll have to tune in May 6th to see how this episode ends.

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