Nikolina Sacrifices to Save the World

Well, her flight was delayed anyway.

Like so many people, Nikolina has been stuck in or around an airport in Europe, unable to get a plane to fly from Ireland back to Croatia. Of course, I know other people who are similarly stranded. Gi and Michael, for instance, don’t seem to be anywhere near making their flight back to Germany any time soon. However, they don’t have a handy blog post about it that I can link to.

Little did all those stranded people know they were sacrificing for the betterment of our world. At least, if this chart is anything like accurate. (And it probably is. If you haven’t wasted time at, then you haven’t been wasting your time properly.)

It turns out that even though the volcano is churning out tons of CO2, this is far more than offset by the planes that have been grounded as a result of the volcano. Hard to say when it will all blow over. (Thanks to Kathleen for that last link.)

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1 Response to Nikolina Sacrifices to Save the World

  1. Keep your fingers crossed that I might stop sacrificing tomorrow.

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