Everyday is Halloween

“I going to go trick-or-treating!” Abigail announced as she lay down for bed. I’m assuming she was inspired by the book we’d just read, “Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin?” (Spoiler Alert: It’s outside.)

“You’ll go trick-or-treating on Halloween, honey.”

“Then I going to eat treats!”

“Yes, but that’s not for a long time.”

“I going to have a snack!” She was quite enthusiastic.

“Okay, honey.”

“We have a treat bowl and a treat bowl and a treat bowl!”

I mm-hmm’ed rather than answering, hoping to help her settle into bedtime.

“I going to smell them!” She sniffed and snorted loudly for a moment. Sniffing things has become a major part of Abigail’s life, although usually it’s restricted to the normal things, like flowers, lotions, shampoos and pets. Hypothetical treat sniffing is a new one.

“Baby going to have treats, too.”

I really hope it’s the book talking and she’s not channeling Al Jourgensen.

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