World Cup Nutshell Predictions: Group E

As usual, the Netherlands is a team packed with talent, but they can never seem to keep everyone cohesive.

Japan is another Asian team that always qualifies for the cup, but again, qualifying in Asia isn’t as tough.

Denmark could make their “mark” on this World Cup. Get it? Because “mark” is … never mind.

Cameroon could sneak through in this group, but isn’t the strongest African team.

Here’s how they’ll finish:

1. Netherlands

2. Denmark

3. Cameroon

4. Japan

Here’s how Abigail calls it:

1. Netherlands

2. Japan

3. Cameroon

4. Denmark

That cinches it. The number 1 and number 3 spots are sown up in this group. Actually, you could put them in almost any order, so long as the Netherlands was at the top, and I’d buy it.

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