I think my favorite Elfquest memory is actually of my father. I was a big fan, and the storyline held me captivated, but what I remember is giving them to my dad to read. He would taken them with him on his commute and while other bus riders were flipping through the pages of the Wall Street Journal and the San Francisco Chronicle, my dad would open up his bag and pull out a copy of Elfquest.

I’ve always thought that was awesome.

The reason I’m bringing this up today is because last night I discovered that you can read every issue of Elfquest ever made on their website. I only really read the original series, so I can’t recommend much more than that.

The first few issues are pretty cheesy – it was the 70s, remember – but the style really builds as you take it forward. If you can get past the cliche and back story loaded first issue, you will find a really compelling epic with a lot of interesting, dynamic characters. Frankly, I’ve been tearing through the series all over again.

I mean, working.

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