Web Footprint

Inspired by the photo stuff lately, I decided to do a google images search for myself and see just how much of me is out there.

It turns out, not so much.

The first image that came up for me was for one of those “find this person” websites. While I’m sure they do a brisk business what with all the groupies that I’m sure are clamoring to track me down, I’m not sure they are using the right photo.

This, my friends, is the first picture that comes up on google when you search for “Alex Gorman”.

They also lie about my age, which is generous of them.

The next pictures related to me are several pages down, and are an ice cream treat that I thought looked like a Dalek and the manual for our thermometer.

You have to go a couple more pages after that to find an actual photo of the man himself. And here it is.

I’m not sure I’m putting my best foot forward onto the internet. After 12 pages of searching, those are the only two pictures of me that came up on a google search.

In fact, other people look better in a search for “Alex Gorman” than I do. Let me give you an example of how this isn’t right; you only have to go to page six to find this:

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1 Response to Web Footprint

  1. Jessica says:

    Hey! I’m not Alex Gorman! And yes, I look awesome in that pic. I was having a showdown with my bike.

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