Parental Downtime

Nothing keeps you from posting on your blog like a visit from your parents. Mine were here for two weeks and we saw them pretty much every day. While this might sound hellish to some people, I actually like my parents. Go figure.

The more significant aspect of the visit is that Abigail really likes my parents. She wanted to spend even more time with them than she did and spent much of her time talking about them when they weren’t there. I call that a win.

And just yesterday, only hours after they left, Abigail and I had this conversation:

Abigail was in the back seat of the car, as I drove us to Trader Joe’s. “There’s a bug in my mouth!”

“There is? Why is there a bug in your mouth?”

“I was chewing on him,” Abigail explained, laughing.

“Ah. I see.”

She started laughing even louder. “He’s tickling me!”

You’ll note this has nothing to do with my parents. This is largely because I wanted to mention my parents trip and how great it was, while also using an conversation that I found amusing. If I’ve manipulated your expectations in forcing these two ideas into one blog post, I apologize.

I don’t really, but there it is.

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