Happy Birthday Hands

Today was Jessica’s birthday. Once Abigail finds out it’s anyone’s birthday, the first thing she wants is a piece of cake. She may ask you to go to a birthday party, but the reason she wants to go is because they have cake. Preferably in cup form.

To celebrate the birthday and satisfy everyone’s confectionery desires, Abigail and I conspired to make Mama some cupcakes today. I have photographic evidence that we worked together on it.

For the record, that’s jam on her face. You can see her PB & J on the plate in the background. You have to make cupcakes during lunch after all.

While Abigail and I make the cupcakes and popped them in the oven, Abigail worked with her Mama to make the frosting and “paint” the cupcakes.

The results were actually pretty good. At least, Abigail enjoyed them. Note: the one in the middle with all the M&Ms was the one Abigail did.

In closing, I’d like to wish my beautiful wife a happy birthday. As Abigail, said, when she saw what the cupcakes had done to her, “I’ve got happy birthday hands!”

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1 Response to Happy Birthday Hands

  1. Jessica says:

    Why are you so stingy with the m&ms, DAD! Sheesh! Abigail and I have got to have a talk about sprinkles.

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