The Quotable Abigail, Part IX

On questions, intriguing: “Do you know what cupcakes look like when they’re all gone?”

On answers, surprising: “Like chocolate graham crackers.”

On reasoning, sound: “Because they’re really little.”

On suprising news, either genetic or gastronomic: “I have a baby llama in my belly.”

On the dangers of putting a new blanket down in her playhouse: “Don’t get my house on fire, okay?”

On the wonderful things you can learn on television: “Get your banana out of your ear, daddy.”

On why she is bringing that blanket into the kitchen: “I has a idea.”

On what her idea is, and why it involves a blanket next to a chair: “If I put the blanket here, maybe I can tip it over.”

On the right thing to say after dinner: “Thank you so much for giving me food, daddy. It makes my belly feel so much better.”

On the day’s end: “The sun is setting down and soon it will be on the floor just like that.”

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