The Quotable Abigail, Part XII

On appropriate headwear: “I don’t want a birthday hat. I want a birthday crown.”

On holding down two jobs: “I’m an iguana fairy, but I’m the tooth fairy, too.”

On why her towel is not a cape: “No, that is not a butt cover!”

On what she ran back inside to tell Daddy: “I’m going to school and you wait here. I’ll come check on the babies. I’ll see if the babies are at the hospital yet when I come home. When I get back I’ll drive them to the hospital. Okay?”

On who is what: “I’m a butterfly and you’re a butter flutter.”

On songs, traditional: “And on that farm they had a bus, and a puppy too.”

On why she sings every other line of Old MacDonald about a dog: “There were so many dogs there at the farm.”

On how things are: “I’m the sister and you’re the daddy and mama is the mommy and Jessica is the Jessica.”

On babies and ourselves, the nature of: “The baby can be the surprise and we can be the cherries.”

On managing the young ones: “Sometimes she’s crying so I take her to the gypsies.”

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