With Abigail, the most important part of soccer is making wishes. And then making good on those wishes. She wished for a new plant and then scored. And then pulled a branch off a nearby bush, declared it the promised fulfillment of her wish and promptly declared it in need of planting. And watering. And thus ended the soccer match.

Update: Still getting the hang of my phone blogging app. This was supposed to be a quick note to myself, which would lead to a longer piece. Instead, it got posted directly.

Abigail asked me to play soccer, which I was keen to do. It turned out that her version was to place the ball in front of the goal and then make a wish. Since my enchilada was being vigorously microwaved in the kitchen at the time, I wished for a hot dinner. She wished for a plant. We then kick the ball into the net and cheer. She got her wish. I didn’t get mine. We have a really crappy microwave.


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