The Quotable Abigail, Part XVIII

On new games, involving jumping on blankets: “Let’s play Nüch Nüch.”

On more advanced versions: “Do you want me to show you how to play Nüch Fairy?”

On scientific discovery: “For some reason the cold air starts coming out when I open the fridge.”

On what you might overhear her say while she plays with her dolls: “Awww. I know it hurts to have a dinosaur bite.”

On what she’s trying to push up my nose: “Here’s your update!”

On who Daddy is: “You’re the Grand Duke of York.”

On the educational process: “When I start kindergarten, I’m going to be a doctor for babies.”

On interspecies communication: “What do aliens say when they meet each other?”

On the new slang: “Saffron hurt my feelings. She said, ‘Lobster, get out of town!'”

On demonstrating proper magic wanding to Daddy: “No, no, no. You were going like this, swishing it around, and I need it like this.”

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